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Reconditioned Batteries

At the Battery Terminal we not only offer up quality new batteries, we also have a wide selection of reconditioned batteries. We recondition everything from motorcyle to industrial application batteries.

What is a reconditioned battery?
We take used batteries that are less than four years old and recondition them using a proprietary process on site in our facilities. We test the batteries before, during, and after the reconditioning process. Each reconditioned battery comes with a free exchange warranty based on the battery type.

What type of reconditioned batteries do you carry?
We usually have a wide selection of the following batteries in reconditioned format:
Golf Cart$69.95
Sport Deep Cycle$49.95 to $69.95
Deep Cycle Solar$49.95 to $99.95
Light Commercial$49.95
Motorcycle$19.95 to $49.95
ATV$19.95 to $49.95
and Large industrial batteries (Group 8D, 4D, etc.)$99.95

So give us a call or come down and see if we can help you out with a reconditioned battery for your needs.
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