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Spent Battery Purchasing program

At the Battery Terminal we offer a chance for you to help the environment and make some money. We will purchase your old lawnmower, automotive, and heavy batteries from you. We then send these old batteries to the recycling plants to process them for reuse in other batteries and products.

Current Prices

$12.00 For Industrial Batteries
$4.00 For Automotive Batteries
$1.00 For Lawn Mower and Wheelchair Batteries
$0.25 For Motorcycle/ATV Batteries

Also we pay $0.10/pound for Steel Case Batteries

Please note that with currently volatility in the lead market, please call of email us for information on prices of more than 100 scrap batteries at one time.

Proper ID is required for any scrap battery transactions.

What about my other batteries?

The Battery Terminal is very committed to providing quality power products with a great concern for the environment. You can bring in your Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Lithium, and Lithium Ion batteries into the store for us to recycle free of charge.
We work with an EPA approved recycling facility, which means we can provide documentation to you or your company to ensure that what you are recycling is sent to the proper facility.
We can also come out and pick up your larger amounts of spent batteries for recycling, just give us a call.
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